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Frequently Asked Questions

When deciding on the right type of flooring for your property, you are likely to have a lot of questions. Here at Fit My Floor, our experts have compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions that we receive to help you make an informed buying decision.

If you are in South Wales or the surrounding areas and are considering carpet, laminate, wood or vinyl flooring, browse through our comprehensive guide of questions and answers.

1 : What is Better – Laminate or Wood Flooring ?
The question of what is ‘better’ is always a tricky one. Ultimately, the answer depends on your needs. Laminate flooring is easier to clean and is less likely to be damaged from general wear and tear, minimising the likelihood of scratches and moisture-induced damage. However, laminate is often seen to have less aesthetic appeal because the woodgrain texture may appear more artificial. Wood flooring can add value to your home, as it is made from high-quality wood. However, it is easily damaged and is likely to be scratched. On the other hand, it is easily repaired compared to laminate, by sanding down impurities and refinishing the wood. If your query of ‘better’ also refers to cost, see the next question.
2 : Is Laminate Cheaper Than Wood Floors ?
As laminate is made from pressed wood, it is a cheaper alternative to a wooden floor. This makes it an excellent flooring option for anyone on a budget or wishing to guarantee great value for money.
3 : How Long Do Wooden Floors Last ?
Wooden floors last 25 years or more, making them a worthy investment. Some wooden floors can even last a lifetime, particularly when you treat them accordingly and opt for the highest quality material.
4 : Is Wood Laminate Flooring Real Wood ?
Wood laminate is not real wood, as it is comprised of layers of artificial materials that are bonded to form a flooring board. Thanks to innovative developments in the industry, it is possible to achieve a texture that closely resembles real wood, as the board is finished with a photo of actual wood for maximum impact.
5 : What is the Difference Between Solid Wood Flooring and Engineered Wood Flooring?
Solid hardwood flooring is made from a single type of wood and can be finished in a variety of different ways, according to your preference. On the other hand, engineered wood flooring is made from a small amount of hardwood that is placed on top of plywood. This type of flooring is typically pre-finished and is particularly easy to install. Hardwood flooring is recommended for use in living areas as a result of its durability, whereas engineered wood is a firm flooring favourite for kitchens.
6 : Can You Use Carpet in the Bathroom ?

Whilst it may be considered controversial by some flooring prescriptivists, the answer to this question is yes. Some individuals appreciate that fluffy feel beneath their toes in all rooms of the house, and we understand that.

One consideration that you should make, however, is concerning colour. We recommend choosing a carpet that is unlikely to highlight those inevitable toothpaste stains.

7 : Is it Cheaper to Have Laminate or Tile Flooring ?
Laminate flooring is usually always the cheapest alternative when it comes to deciding between different types of flooring. However, tile flooring is typically more durable than laminate, because it is not susceptible to water damage. This makes tile an excellent choice for areas that are likely to encounter water, such as kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms.
8 : What is Wood Vinyl Flooring ?
This kind of vinyl flooring is designed to look like wood due to its grain texture. It is not made of actual wood, but it is commonly mistaken for the real thing due to its realistic appearance. It has the natural look of wood, with the durability of vinyl flooring. This makes it an excellent flooring option for individuals who do not wish to compromise and choose either alternative!
9 : Which Type of Carpet is Best for Heavy Footfall ?
For areas of your property which are frequently walked on, such as the hallway, stairs or porch, you ought to choose a carpet that can withstand heavy footfall. Particularly wearable carpet types include wool, polypropylene and polyamide. To ensure that your carpet retains its premium quality for as long as possible, it is also worth considering the underlay.
10 : How Much Does it Cost to Install Laminate Flooring Per Square Foot ?
On average, it costs around £8-12 to install a square metre of laminate. This also depends on the type of laminate that is installed. However, it is important to note that you may be charged a daily rate, so you should factor this into your buying decision.

At Fit My Floor, we do understand that there is a lot to consider when endeavouring on a new flooring project for your home and business and we encourage you to reach out to the team here for any specific questions or to arrange a FREE quote.

We are a team of experienced professionals and look forward to making your dream project become a reality! Please call us today or click here to contact the team and we will be in touch soon.

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